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along as im alive im gonna live illegal

gosh people... slackers much? there hasn't been a post in here in ages! Im very dissapointed in you *tisk tisk*

Last night I clued my ever famous boy toy Flipcore in on the glory that is Josh. He thinks we are all psycho, he was especially scared by the childhood pic that Al posted. *good job btw*

Anyway... this musta inspired me to have a josh related dream!

I dreamt that GC faced their true destiny, gave in, and became a boy band. Also they sucked it up and let Josh be a member. They were performing on eastern morning for my church (christian boy band????) and I was in charge of making sure all things went smoothly... ha, i guess they had no idea who i was dealing with! needless to say I ended up cleaning up after the twins, and somehow josh fell in love with me (sorry may). This made things soooooo awkward, and he was wearing glitter!!! gah. hehe. well the dream never really had a point, or a real ending... but i was just thoroughly amused by it.

anywayz... come on kids! post up a storm, talk about anything you wanna: booze, cookies, ezmac, uhauls, weird streets in VA, Its up to you!

mad annoying internet hearts to all
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