jillian (soundsirennn) wrote in thethirdtwin,

the many faces of josh


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i think we overlooked his powers of disquise as we. who knows, josh could have been around a lot more than we would ever have been able to have noticed... since he obviously can change his appearance as often, and as easily as he would like.
He's almost like a TRANSFORMER, more than meets the eye.
i know! he was probably following us around all weekend and we just didn't know it!

transformers....robots in disguise!
i have a transformers poster on my wall! now im not gonna be able to sleep b/c im gonna think he's watching me! i knew there was something odd about the pink one...

where the hell did you get all those pics?
i swear i scoured the internet on one occassion looking for something, anything, i got nothing...

damn he really does change his appearance alot...i would not at all recognize him in half those disguises... and he looks NOTHING like big-B... my spaceship program is totally fucked right now!
kae found those pictures the other night!
pure insanity eh?
in one picture he looks like benji and another like joel and the second one he looks just scarry *hides and tries not to cry at how much he looks like lynz in that picture its just disgusting*
hes a creepy character rinne. but that's why we feel we must help him. cuz he could be a nice boy, he just has issues.
umm yeah if my brothers were benji and joel id have issues also
cuz you'd feel dirty for wanting to watch them make out?